Disappearing Act

Many of the components in and around the modern day swimming pool are made of plastic, usually white.  These components are necessary, essential for covering  skimmers, drains, trim pieces around plumbing inlets, face rings around pool lights, and so forth.  Visually, these plastic parts are, well, ugly!  However, there are many things that can be done to make these components go away, visually speaking.

Incorporating tile onto the cover helps it go away visually
Unappealing white plastic cover

When you look at the bottom of a swimming pool, the continuity of a field of beautiful tile is often broken up with a white drain cover right in the middle.  How much better to use a cover that will allow you to incorporate that same tile, or whatever material you are using to line the pool?

Lid in disguise
No hiding this lid!

The same goes for skimmer covers around the perimeter of the pool.  Normally the pool builder doesn’t give a second thought as to how these will look, or rather clash with the rest of your landscape or hardscape.  Incorporating stone into a skimmer lid, or even cutting a stone lid is pleasing to the eye.  For that matter, many skimmers utilise an external, white faceplate that sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of a tile line.  It’s more aesthetically pleasing to use skimmer brands that tend to disappear within the pool wall, perhaps one that actually matches the pool tile.  After all, they are available in a variety of colours!

Pool lights as well can be seamlessly integrated into the pool wall.  The stainless steel face ring that surrounds the light itself can be powder coated in an infinite amount of shades and hues.  It’s a durable coating that can also be applied to handrails and ladder rails.

Next we’ll talk about adding water features to your pool, whether you are in the design phase, or are looking to renovate…


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