My Pump Is On But the Water In the Pool Isn’t Circulating!

We’ve all been there. You start the pump, the water is circulating in the pool, rippling across the surface, the pool filter gauge shows a low reading, everything is running smoothly. You walk away and come back later only to find the pump is starved for water, bubbles appear in the pool, no water movement in the skimmers…what went wrong?? Well, first let’s check those skimmers. Clean them out. Empty the pump basket of debris. Backwash the filter until the water runs clear. Often this solves the problem. If not, check the pump basket again. Is it cracked or broken? Is debris getting past the basket? It could be stuck in the veins of the pump impeller. This stops flow in its tracks! It’s good to keep an extra pump basket on hand as the plastic over time becomes brittle and cracks. Clearing that debris from the impeller is a little tricky, but when done properly will dramatically improve the water flow in your pool system.

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