Is it better to leave the pool pump ON or OFF during the off-season?

Why would you leave the pool running on a daily basis during the off-season, when no one is able to enjoy it?  We are all concerned about conserving money and energy, so it seems that shutting off the pool when the weather cools down and turning the pump back on in the spring is a sensible thing to do.

However, in other areas, it’s not always the case. For instance, in the west coast of the U.S., most homeowners circulate the pool water year round. The pumps might be on for shorter periods of time during the day when the pool isn’t in use. Keeping the pump on keeps the pool from becoming a real mess come spring. It’s not so easy to clear up green pool water! It takes a lot of money in chemicals and plenty of patience. Backwashing the filter countless times or disassembling the filter and clearing out debris is required. Not to mention cleaning the organic material out of the pool, which has oftentimes stained the finish. Is there an easier way?

Perhaps you turn your pool pump off because you don’t trust your pool maintenance company to visit your pool on a weekly basis during the off-season. Sad to say, this is all too common. Some homeowners pay for maintenance while they are in another country, for instance. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies only show up shortly before the homeowners arrival, doing their best to clean up an ugly pool. Then they offer excuses as to why the water looks so bad. These days, smart locks have solved this problem. They allow the technician access to your yard via a mobile phone app. In turn, you are notified every time they enter and leave the yard. No more missed service calls. No more excuses.

Others turn off the pool pump because let’s face it, it’s expensive to run a pool year round! With the antiquated pool pumps that run many pools, this is absolutely the case. However, there is an alternative, a variable speed pump. These pumps provide tremendous energy savings while being extremely silent at low speeds. And energy savings are realized when the pump is run at a low speed continuously. Yes, that’s right. The variable speed technology allows you to run your pump at very low speeds, and running slowly dramatically reduces the energy consumption.

At the Piscina and Wellness 2017 show this past October in Barcelona, every pump manufacturer had variable speed pumps on display. It doesn’t matter if your pool is 30 square meters or 150, there is one to fit your needs. Would you like to find out more? We would be happy to share more information with you, at no obligation. Give us a call or send us an email!

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