Smart Pool Services

Costa Brava Swimming Pool Solutions

Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Prevention

Depending on the location of your pool, the water level can fluctuate daily. Certain times of the year, humidity, and wind all have an effect. In fact, it’s not uncommon to lose over 6 mm a day or up to 5 cm a week. READ MORE »


Energy Saving Swimming Pool Pumps

Did you know that the typical pool pump uses the most electricity out of ALL your appliances Accounts for 1⁄4 of the energy used in your home? And equals the energy consumption of 3 refrigerators?

We offer variable Speed Pumps and Motors that are extremely efficient and will start saving you money the day they are installed. How is this achieved? READ MORE »



Swimming pool ownership comes with responsibility. How safe is your pool environment? We can provide the latest in safety solutions to keep your family and others safe. READ MORE »



It just makes sense. You have a smartphone, tablet, computer and more. Why not put them to work for you? Control the filtering, pH, temperature. Turn on the cleaner, lights, waterfalls. Time is precious, and automating your pool leaves more time to enjoy your backyard environment. READ MORE »


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