Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Pumps

Save energy with efficient swimming pool pumps

Did you know that the typical pool pump

  • Uses the most electricity out of ALL your appliances?
  • Accounts for 1⁄4 of the energy used in your home?
  • Equals the energy consumption of 3 refrigerators?

Most pool builders have adopted a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach when it comes to specifying equipment for the pools they construct. This includes the pool pump. They utilize pumps that are inexpensive to install but are incredibly expensive to operate.

We offer VARIABLE SPEED PUMPS and MOTORS that are extremely efficient and will start saving you money the day they are installed. How is this achieved?

The Pump Affinity Law states that the power consumed by a pump is proportional to the cube of the flow rate. Simply put, this means that if a pump’s flow rate is reduced by half, its power draw is reduced to one-eighth. Reducing a pump’s speed from 3,450 rpm to 2400 rpm is a 30% reduction in speed. Watt draw drops from 2,000 watts to 593 watts. This is a considerable 70% reduction in power.

Reducing the pump speed by half means you get half the water flow. The VSP need to operate twice as long as the ONE SIZE FITS ALL pump. You may be thinking how can I possibly save money by running the pump twice as long?!? Remember the Pump Affinity Law? Since running the motor at a low speed only draws one-eighth as much power as a high-speed motor, it only requires one- quarter as much energy to move the water with a smaller pump. (Keep in mind that actual savings are somewhat less than theoretical savings).

Variable speed pumps and motors

  • Allow ideal filtration with the least amount of energy consumption
  • Run more efficiently than single speed motors
  • Are noticeably quieter
  • Require less maintenance

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