Pool Leak Detection Service

Costa Brava Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Prevention

Depending on the location of your pool, the water level can fluctuate daily. Certain times of the year, humidity, and wind all have an effect. In fact, it’s not uncommon to lose over 6 mm a day or up to 5 cm a week.

Leak indicators:

  • Higher water loss than normal evaporation
  • Continually adding make up water to pool
  • Tile becoming loose or no longer adhering to pool shell
  • Pool filter pressure gauge fluctuating up and down
  • Air bubbles present in pool
  • Cracks in the pool shell
  • Wet areas around pool area
  • Concrete decking or stone around pool lifting or settling

If any of these indicators are present, contact us. We utilize technology that will detect minute amounts of water loss, down to 0.00254 mm! We provide a full report as to our findings and the least invasive solutions to address the problem.