Frequently Asked Questions

Literally hundreds of dollars can potentially be saved annually.  Actual savings vary based on many factors, including: electricity costs, size of your pool, length of time the pump runs, pump size, plumbing length and size, and other hydraulic parameters.

Absolutely.  Do you want to control your waterfall or lighting from inside the house?  How about turning on the automatic cleaner on the way home, to ensure the pool is clean before you get there?  Would you like to monitor your pool from another location? All of these things are possible.  Control your pool, landscape lighting, even turn on your irrigation to water your garden from your computer, tablet, smartphone or watch. 

If you suspect a leak, a simple test that you can perform is called a Bucket Test.  This test gives you an estimate of water loss due to evaporation.  Simply put, the test involves exposing water in a bucket to the same conditions that affect the pool.  At the end of the test, you can compare water loss in the pool with water loss in the bucket.  I encourage you to perform this test before you call out a leak detection company.  Here are the steps:

  • Fill pool to normal operating level
  • Turn of auto fill devices
  • Place a large bucket filled with water in the pool
  • Mark the water level in both the pool and the bucket
  • Measure water loss in each after 24 hours of normal operation
  • Compare

The bucket will only lose water due to evaporation, provided it doesn’t leak itself!  The pool loses water due to evaporation and any potential leaks.  If the water loss in the pool is greater than in the bucket, your pool has a leak.

This depends on where the pool is leaking.  At times the problem is above ground, such as at the pool equipment.  We also find leaks in the interior of the pool.  At times, the leak is underground, perhaps where a pipe fitting has come loose.  We have various methods of remedying the situation, doing our best to provide a repair that is least invasive as possible.

We are certified divers and can perform leak repairs underwater utilizing special techniques and products.  Water is costly and we are interested in conserving it as much as you are.